The Joint Teacher-Student Committee

The Joint Teacher-Student Committee has the task of monitoring the course catalogue, quality of teaching and student services, using specific evaluation indicators.


The Joint Teacher-Student Committee

  • formulates opinions on the establishment, activation, modification and suppression of programmes and courses;
  • it may make proposals to the School Board on teaching matters and the allocation of financial resources;
  • it drafts an annual report, considering the annual self-assessment report produced by each department.


Members of the Joint Teacher-Student Committee

Teaching staff representatives

Prof. Costantino Marmo  Dean of the School

Prof. Luigi Tomassini Vice Dean Ravenna Campus 

Prof. Daniela Baroncini Professor 

Prof. Matteo Casari Professor

Prof. Anna Maria Lorusso  Professor

Prof. Cristiana Natali  Professor

Prof. Camillo Neri Professor


Student representatives 

Mr. Borsari Federico, e-mail: 

Mr. Garattoni Lorenzo, e-mail: 

Ms. Girneata Simona Fabiola, e-mail: 

Ms. Lamponi Giulia, e-mail: 

Ms. Lombardo Alessandra, e-mail:  

Ms. Mazzaglia Silvia, mail: 

Mr. Quondamatteo Nicola, e-mail: